Installation Notes

Known issues

Roon often needs a separate license key. Generate a hardware ID from the convolver if it says that a valid license is missing. And send it to juice hifi to get a new key.

If the program doesn’t run normally, you may need one or two of these:

Dotnet framework 4 (or later) 

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

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[05 apr 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

A quick fix to eliminate errant gui appearance.

Reinstated a few commands that was removed during the Qobuz debugging.

[04 apr 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

Implemented dummy sound card that runs if the real sound card is unavailable

May have sorted out the Qobuz problem. Qobus responds to restart requests here now.

[19 mar 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

New beta.

Dialled back on using local restart.

Fixed a buffer size setting bug that often prevented the user from choosing.

… and another buffer setting bug that may have caused problems with the first beta.

Implemented a “force buffer size” option in GUI.

Some DPI related gui improvements.

[2 mar 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

Several changes has been implemented to make the convolver more user friendly and robust with different players and malfunctioning sound cards. Problems that previously caused the convolver to be shut down by the player are now exposed to the user instead of the player. Furthermore, since several players do not handle restart requests properly, changes has been made to limit restarts to situations where it is absolutely necessary.

A special fix for Qobus has been implemented. Qobuz crashes on the Asio restart request from the convolver, so in this case the user is informed to restart the program.

I have high hopes that users of Qobuz, Roon and Audirvana will experience these changes as improvements, and also that e.g. sample rate changes will work properly where it didn’t before.

The changes in the internal logics are quite substantial with higher complexity, so I need help with testing it before it is out of beta.

[3 may 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.6.exe 

[21 apr 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.5.exe 

[06 mar 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.4.exe 

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.3.exe 

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.2.exe 

[05 jan 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.1.exe 

[01 oct 2020]

Audiolense convolver 1.0.exe 

[13 jul 2020]

Audiolense convolver 0.9 (beta).exe 

[08 apr 2020]

[22 mar 2020]

[03 jan 2020]