Welcome to Juice Hifi and Audiolense. Audiolense is a state of the art solution for digital crossovers, frequency correction and true time domain correction. 

The frequency correction is included in all version. This alone is enough to improve the sound quality in the finest audio systems. Our 2.0 offering is in our opinion one of the best bargains in high end hi-fi.

The surround version provides frequency correction for all speakers in a surround setup, proper time alignment and a sophisticated crossover solution for seamless bass management.

Our high end offering – the Audiolense XO – comes with True Time Domain (TTD). The TTD correction fully synchronizes the first arrival for all frequencies and all speakers involved. Audiolense XO also comes with a very sophisticated and configurable crossover solution that covers all bases.

You need a Windows PC and a microphone hooked up to your system to measure your speakers and generate correction / crossover filters, and you either need a PC (not necessarily with Windows) or OpenDRC in your playback chain to use the filters. Other hardware solutions with capability to process FIR filters may also be compatible. Ask us if you’re in doubt.

The measurement in Audiolense ia performed using the Asio API from Steinberg or one of the Windows API’s from Microsoft.

Check it out

The best way to find out more is to download and install Audolense. It will start in demo mode. The demo comes with sample measurements that you can use to check out the functionality. You can also perform a measurement on your own system. And if you simply want to find out how it’s done, you can even measure your laptop.  The demo even lets you create 90 seconds of corrected music.